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  • Combo Box


    hot and spicy chicken wings (4), mozzarella fingers(2), jalapeno cheese bites (2), breaded mushrooms, wedges, garlic bread(2) served with salsa, garlic mayo and sour cream dips

  • Stuffed Mushrooms


    selection of toasted garlic bread, bruschetta, garlic bread and cheese and pizza garlic bread

  • Haggis Pakora


    with raita dipping pot

  • Chicken Wings


    with sweet chilli dipping pot

  • Chicken Gougons


    Topped with honey and mustard Glaze

  • Mozzarella Fingers


    with spicy tomato dipping pot

  • Cheese Bites


    Breaded and served with a hot mayo dipping pot

  • Black Pudding Fritters


    With sweet chilli dipping pot

  • Garlic Bread


    toasted ciabatta bread with garlic butter

  • Garlic Bread & Cheese


    As above but topped with melted mozzarella cheese

  • Wagon Wheels

  • Fries

  • Dirty Fries


    Fried onions, buffalo sauce